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Published on May 16th, 2014 | by Carlos Barreira


Are you looking for a kitchen cabinet? Then you should aware about cabinet’s storage ideas

Hey, are your all kitchen equipments organized in alphabetical order? Or you have thrown all these things in a junk drawer? Do you like to set your colorful designer dishes in such a way so that everyone coming to home can see it clearly and appreciate it? Or you would like to hide all of this behind doors? You can arrange your kitchen as you like, if you have some expert advice. Let’s discuss some points which will help you to arrange your kitchen cabinet storage properly.

kitchen cabinet storage ideasRole of kitchen

We all can’t ignore the role of food in our life, so we can say the kitchen is the heart of our home. Time spent in the kitchen is a challenge to be embraced and is a way to tremendously bless your family. It is a big challenge to make 3 big meals in kitchen to satisfy the hunger of the family members and to prepare the meal in a nutritious way, so the family remains healthy and happy. The kitchen is the place where we do prepare all the nutritious food to satisfy our families being one of the basic needs. So we know well the value or the role of the kitchen in our daily life. So we should use every single corner every portion of our favorite kitchen. We should utilize every small portion so that we can pack our valuable kitchen with more valuable stuffs and equipments. We can make a small space storage shelves just under the wall cabinet and we can place there all the small boxes of spices.

Build under cabinet shelves

We can build under cabinet shelves to store our small kitchen stuffs or small utensils or any important kitchen related materials. Even we can use the backside of the kitchen door. We can make their small racks to place spices. Presently we see a modern technique of racks, called magnetic spice storage racks. We can build a canister and spice rack. We can utilize the small place by making peg board dish drawer, where we can keep all our dishes in an organized way.

Plate racks are necessary

We can make the plate/dish racks just below the wall cabinet that is also known as hanging dish racks. Even we can use the inside portion of our wall cabinet or the floor/ base cabinet door too to keep our cups and mugs. We can use the utensil hangers too to keep all the things organized and disciplined manner.

Make Kitchen drawers

We can make kitchen drawers to place more utensils in a small place. We can utilize a smaller portion of wall by making a serving tray shelf divider, where we can store glasses, mugs, cups, plates etc.

There are lots of things we can do. We can use the rod as a curtain in the cabinet to divide pans and trays. We can even use the rods to create vertical storage for utensils, plates, dishes, cutting boards and pans in our cabinet in an organized way. So there are lots of ideas, but which is suitable for you depends on the place and the size of your kitchen and obviously your creative ideas to use every corner in the best possible way.


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